WHP Webcam – Faye – 11th March 2012

WHP Webcam – Faye – 11th March 2012



A rare webcam performance from one of the stars of Skymouse Productions, Miss Faye Taylor. Recorded back in March 2011 this webcam is the full 3 hour show.

Faye starts just chatting with the members, talking about her peeing exploits. Going out, drinking too much and peeing the bed, the date who wanted her to pee over him, other typical ‘Faye’ wetting incidents in her life. However, after 6 cups of tea, Faye is close to bursting point and relocates to the floor where she soaks her little purple panties with a pee she can’t hold in anymore.

In the second half of the webcam we find Faye dressed in her favourite peeing jeans and it’s not long before they’re wet too, streaming down the legs, the big wet patch contracts with the pale coloured jeans. Not quite finished, she removes the jeans and we’re treated to a panty rewetting.

As she goes through her bag of panties, the members choose which pair is next for the ‘Faye treatment’ and she doen’t disappoint. Topped off with green jeans she soon has these wet and attempts the first upsidedown pee on a Skymouse webcam. Classic stuff.

With those clothes soaked through, Faye changes again into fresh panties and a skirt and, squating on the floor, gives us a nice, close up wetting.

Panties No.5 are up next in the marathon of panty wetting. Great, low camera angles capture this particular wetting, but that’s not the end of it! Panties number 6 are put on for the next wetting. Pink panties and pale tracksuit bottoms are again soon soaked though.

Finally, the last wetting takes place, as Faye squats over the pile of wet panties and clothes to get them, and the panties she’s wearing a good sprinkling. she counts through the 14 items of clothing covered in her own piss, all captured during this 3 hour webcam classic. A absolute must for wetting fans.