Desperation Live – Charlotte – 13th May 2012

Desperation Live – Charlotte – 13th May 2012



This is the beautiful Charlotte’s first ever webcam, and what a debut!

Charlotte starts by welcoming the viewers to the webcam. She’s starting to get desperate already, “about a 7” she says by her scoring. This is set to be another classic webcam with our exclusive wetting model Charlotte. Chatting with the viewers she explains her desperation ‘likes’, very long holds of up to 12 hours, the car journey that ended in a wet seat, wetting herself at home just for fun, Charlotte is a delight to watch. Very pretty, very desperate, Charlotte soon needs to move around. As always, the viewers tease her to make the desperation worse. Bobbing up and down she has to try harder and harder to hold it in.

Such a natural girl and a genuine wetter in her private live Charlotte knows how to put on a perfect performance for desperation lovers everywhere. And unable to finally hold back a small dark patch in her dungarees soon grows. Stripping out of her wet clothes she shows us her soaked panties. Perfect panty wetting desperation.